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I am an RN at Children’s Hospital Colorado and mom to two wonderful, spirited kids, Ethan and Lily. Love Prints is my part-time job but is a passion for me that I believe is reflected in my work. From infants, to toddlers, to young children, their parents, and even dogs, my mission is to capture a unique moment in time for each client.  






Capturing the fleeting moments in life is too often a digital exercise these days. Our phones are filled with pictures of our loved ones that, unfortunately, we rarely go back to revisit. This was my reason for starting Love Prints in 2016. When my two children were infants, I was lucky enough to have impressions made of their tiny and feet and hands.  Those cherished pieces hang in our house today and are a daily reminder of not only how tiny they once were, but how time absolutely flies. My hope is that every piece I create for my customers gives them the same sense of reflection.


The art that I create is very different from mail order impression kits sold online. Love Prints creates precious hand and footprint impressions designed to make a lasting memory that will preserve what makes babies so adorable...their tiny hands and feet. Each ceramic impression is a custom-made original that is hand crafted and kiln fired. Only the highest quality materials are used to ensure each treasured keepsake is safe for babies and of a quality that will last for many years to come.

​Let Love Prints help you create that lasting memory today!

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