As a new mom, I was thrilled to find Heather and Blessings from Above to celebrate the birth of my first child, Ethan.  When our daughter Lilian was born, I wanted to capture her first moments in clay as well.  While meeting with Heather, she mentioned moving her family out of state and was looking for someone to continue the business she built and loved here in Colorado.  Given my background as a pediatric nurse, we decided this would be a great fit. After some thought, I knew our timing wasn't just a coincidence and I offered to take over Blessings from Above from Heather.  She guided me through the process but more importantly showed me the joy these commemorative pieces of art bring to all the families that have them done.  


While the name has changed to Love Prints, the mission, quality of work, and love put into every piece of clay has not.  I look forward to meeting you and your families soon.